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     We are now seeking contributions for the second issue of the Elizabeth Bowen Review, to be published in May 2019, following on from the success of the first issue. Please go to the ‘Elizabeth Bowen Review’ tab for more details.
     Plans for our international conference at the University of Bedford in 2019 are under way and we will announce more details soon.
     We are still looking for people to join the committee for the Society. Please contact us for more details.
     Thank you for visiting the page and please keep following our developments!
                                                                   Previous News
     We are delighted to announce some plans for events connected with Elizabeth Bowen and her work.
     The American Conference for Irish Studies is meeting at University College Cork from 18-22 June this year. There are a good few papers on Elizabeth Bowen there. Please see the website for details.
Some of the committee will be there, and we’d be delighted to hear if anyone is planning to go.
     The Elizabeth Bowen Review is progressing well and we plan to publish our first issue in May this year.
     The first official Elizabeth Bowen Society event will be a visit to Farahy, Co. Cork, for the annual commemoration service, a walk around the area and site of Bowen’s Court, and dinner. Please see ‘Events’.
     We are proud to announce that the second International Elizabeth Bowen Conference organised by the Society will take place in May 2019 (date TBC).
     If you haven’t found us on Facebook, please join us there:
     And finally, we have a keen steering committee for the Society, but have a couple of vacancies to fill. If you live in the UK or Ireland – or possibly further afield would work, too – please contact us if you’d be interested in joining. email: